The round-off event will bring together visiting musicians Maxamed BK, Daud Ali Masahaf, and  Sahra Ilays with UK-based artists including Nimco Yaasin, Kaltuun Bacado, Macalow, Mohamud Omar, Prince Abdi, Faisal Salah and many more for a final night of entertainment at the heart of the city.

Maxamed BK will be headlining this concert with Sahra Ilays and Daud Ali Masahaf. He is a vocalist, songwriter and music composer, and the lead singer of Xidigaha Geeskar. Mohamed BK is the son of one of the most popular folklore dancers, Said Erigawaabi, and since early childhood he followed in the footsteps of his father learning how to play the oud and developing a passion for the arts and culture. It was when he moved to Hargeysa, he gained widespread popularity. Now a solo artist in his own right, he is a regular feature across Somali televisions and radio stations, and also a firm favourite at concerts.

Sahra Ilays is a talented vocalist and folklore dancer, Sahra began her musical career as vocalist of the iconic band Waaberi, the most popular band in Somali history. Sahra is now an established solo singer as and regularly duets with Maxamed BK.

Daud Ali Masahaf is a visiting artist, lute player and vocalist from Mogadishu who now resides in Djibouti. Masahaf is one of the greatest Somali lute players who had the privilege of performing with legends the likes of Magool, Khadra Daahir, and Mandeeq. With 40 years of experience under his belt, he has upheld the tradition of lute playing throughout the changing faces of the Horn.

Faisal Salah is a young nasheed and spoken word artist whose work is often centred around his Islamic faith. Salah’s work reflects his intrinsic enthusiasm for inner peace, love and fulfilling the Islamic way of life in modern society. Salah has showcased his talent on the Spoken n’ Heard Tour 2015 and the Ilm Arts Festival 2015.

Prince Abdi is a Somali-born British stand-up comedian and actor. Abdi’s comedy work has been describes as being upbeat and infectious. He won the ‘Your Comedy Star’ competition at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and was also nominated “Best Newcomer” in the Black Entertainment Comedy Awards in 2007. 

Kaltuun Bacado, Macalow and Mohamud Omar are Somali music starts that will be joining us for the final event

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