HARGEISA (GNO) – More than 12 top officials, including the foreign and justice ministers for the breakaway Somaliland government in northern Somalia have resigned in a mass resignation, accusing the president of siding with a rival Kulmiye party’s candidate, officials said Monday.

The departure by the foreign minister Mohamed Bihi. Justice minister Husein Ahmed, the presidential palace minister and nine other officials including ministers and directors suggests a serious divisions within the ruling party, as officials say the resignations could precede more defections.


“I have decided to resign after the president come to be one-sided” said Mohamed Bihi, the foreign minister, referring to president Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo.

However, it’s unclear whether the information minister Abdullahi Dahir who attended the resignation announcement has also resigned.

Political analysts said the mass resignations reflected the political shakiness of the Somaliland government which has long credited for maintaining peace and political stability in the region.

Somaliland has escaped decades-old conflict which ravaged southern Somalia by building its independent army, finance system and government.

Somaliland government hasn’t so far commented on the development which is a big blow to the current government which is struggling to improve its public image amid accusations that the current president cherry-picks his close allies against other officials outside his party.

Somaliland has declared a unilateral independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991, however, no country has so far recognized it as an independent state

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