Long live Somaliland !

It is a ghost STATE that haunts the bad conscience of the international community for over twenty years!

This is a country with confidential existence . His evocation is reserved to a few well informed diplomats.  Even Its name is unknown by the dictionary which highlights it in red and writes in English and in two words(Somali Land). Yet it is a nation : one people, one language, one flag, one government, a parliament , a president …

This former British colony and later Italian has been linked to neighboring Somalia before wisely made secession and proclaim itself Republic of Somaliland in the late last century, exactly 18 May 1991. This, in general indifference because the world had their eyes fixed on the terrible war raging around Mogadishu.

Since then, the four million inhabitants of the Land of Somaal(Somaliland) , on the peninsula of the Horn of Africa, live peacefully in poverty, with dignity. They trade with Djibouti and Ethiopia, provide Saudi Arabia in camel herds. Fishing and agriculture feed sparingly this wise people whose philosophy is incompatible with any form of western performance.

In Hargeisa the capital, everyone knows that stress is the worst enemy of man. Also , people stops working past eleven in the morning . Everyone starts to chew a bunch of qat leaves whose magical effects multiply happiness of every moment of the day.

At first view we believe they are brainless baba cool . Not at all ! The Somalilanders are responsible citizens. They elect a parliament and a president. Voting is without fraud , the loser congratulates the winner ,  power alternation is real. The press is free , justice is fair. It is a singular country , a rarity in the landscape because it is African , Arab and Muslim . Yes, it is possible! In short , it’s an ugly duckling that embarrasses the international community.

This is probably why the virtuous state of Somaliland is not recognized by any organization. Neither UN nor AU. No embassy , no consulate except that of Ethiopia. The World Bank and the IMF have never set foot . No loans, no debts . The country’s finances are sound.

Peace, security , stability, development, democracy …. for over 20 years and without costing anyone. This is unheard of in the third world ! Yet for some mysterious reason , Somaliland seems doomed to remain a clandestine state, paperless , ignored , isolated and … . finally fortunately.

Long live Somaliland !

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