Ahmed Hassan Awke, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the Speech and the Microphone

By: Ahmed-yasin Mohammad Jama  

Ahmed Hasan Awke and I, were friends for a long time, particularly for the last two and half years. We were at each others company almost daily for two and half years

Apart from his broadcasting specials and extraordinary talent, I found unprecedented other qualities in him. At that point, there is no exaggeration at all In what I have to write in here. I am sure everyone who knows Cawke will agree with me.

Ahmed qualities were;
He was, after all, an achiever.
He’s always wanted to do more Active.
Ahmed was really dynamic in each way. He wakes up ahead of time to do his daily stuff.
Ahmed was able to adapt almost any conditions or situations  Ambitious.
Ahmed held a very strong desire to succeed. Ahmed was also very glad to see anyone’s successions whether it was his ally, friends or the society at large with no jealousy at all. He will also encourage and support anyone who is an ambitious and talented. I sat and heard from him while he was encouraging young and talented Somalis and Somalilanders. Balanced.
Cawke was a sort of person who will take everything into account and fairly. Never rushed things, never.

Cawke responses were remarkably straightforward and frank and outspoken

Ahmed was for me, a man for all season, he was happy and smiling in the morning, in the afternoon and in the night. I have never come across where Ahmed was an angry, upset or complaining. Was light hearted and joyful Communicative.
He was Undoubtedly natural. Everyone agrees that he was the undisputed heavyweight of all time

Compassionately and kindly soul.
Ahmed will talk to anyone and listen with respect Irrespective of age. And then will assist in any way he can

Consistent in his charity.
Ahmed Hassan was very generous person who will feed the poor every day. Very kind, generous fellow. I have never in my life seen or witnessed anyone, anywhere, who throws out so much money on a daily basis to the poor

Ahmed was involved in any mutual assistance to reach a goal.

Was very curious to find things or to understand thoughts, especially the complex ones with.


He was dedicated, loyal and committed to peace and nations interest first. He will put the nations interest before tribal or individual

Ahmed used to select his words carefully. Very tactful imply ability to avoid hurting others or hurting their feelings

He was very easy going individual

Ahmed was very emotional and will have tears for listening any Hadith or Quran Enterprising and creativeness in speech

Enthusiastic, Exciting, Facilitator, Flexible, Focused, Forgiving, Genuine, Good listener,
Helpful, Incredible, Independent, Initiator,

Very Knowledgeable;

I will sit in that location and listen to him eight good hours for fantastic stories and history without being bored. He was real informative and historian..
He was Literate, logical, Mediator, Open Minded, organized, Original, Outgoing, Patient, Persuasive, Pleasant, Positive, Proactive, Professional, Quality, Responsible, Self-reliant
Sense of humor, Sensible, Sensitive and Sincere.

Social Consciousness;
Ahmed was always talked about or was aware the problems problems within our fellowship. He will not leave you there. Ahmed will study the problems with and once he finds out the solution, then would directly ring the ministry or anyone who he think will do something about the matter.


Ahmed and I, have arranged a historic visit to Herer, Dirdhaba and other parts of Ethiopia together upon my arrival in Hargeisa to find out the cities and peoples history, a journey that cannot take office at the moment.

And finally, Ahmed was our Imam in terms who would lead us Salaat or prayers and was the lone one who would pray Isha prayers on time for the past 5 or 6 months
I ask almighty God to forgive him and rest him in peace

Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama


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