An avowed, ex-warlord assistant of Mogadishu, who, of late, has become very notorious as the head of a ring of Somali blackmailers masquerading as ‘journalists’, has, for the first time revealed a full list of his closest aides in the Somali media world on his Facebook page.

Mr. Alasaw  openly listed his Somalia/Somaliland legionnaires and informants in the Somali media.

He said he was grateful for the support they have given him in “wrenching victory over his enemy, their enemy and the enemy of Somalis” – as he put it – meaning institutions that resisted his blackmail pressure, resulting in a defamatory campaign he sustained on Dahabshiil – the leading African money transfer company, for instance, since 2008.

The company took its case to the Dutch courts, the last hearing of which was November 2. Judgment has not been passed down yet.

Contrary to his claims on Facebook, the courts found his actions repugnant and a contradiction of terms to even the much anointed European freedom of expression, and that he has attempted to bend all the rules backwards.

In the same list with the Somalilanders, he listed his partner and henchmen, too.

Security Menace

The Netherlands is about to discover who he really is, and the menace he is to them and the whole of the free world.

Since the ascent to power of the Islamic Courts as Somalia geo-political game changers, followed by the Al-Shabaab Islamists, the man groveled his way to Europe finding asylum in the Netherlands on the pretext that he was running for his life from Islamic militants.

In fact, it is widely believed that his flight to Europe was a carefully stage-managed operation of his and a closed network of a highly sophisticated Al-Shabaab media and intelligence unit that orchestrates a wide network of operatives around the world to  achieve a variety of end-goals in support of the armed, field legions and operatives.

Mr. Dahir Abdulle Alasow, is a semi-literate, ex-checkpoint commander in the days when the late General Mohamed Farah Aideed – and, later, his son, Hussein M F Aideed, ruled Mogadishu and surrounding areas as ruthless warlords living off the land and its people on gunpoint.

Aideed Jr. is now living off his youngest stepmother’s favors,  one of many mistresses of Uganda’s strongman, Yoweri Museveni, towing along his former hitman to keep him happy so not to spit up many a gruesome secret to the US and other western secret service agencies.

The Manipulator

Alasow, as all manipulators go, succeeded to build field informants spanning from politicians to soccer players that include almost all walks of life. In Somaliland, for instance, his connections started with the former President, Dahir Rayaleh Kahin, and his then Interior Minister Abdullahi Irro, who were in the belief that they were using him to reveal possible Al-Shabaab sympathizers among the opposition parties as he, they believed, had access to ‘inside’ information as a double-agent for the Al-Qaeda linked group.

The man was on to them from the beginning. He fed them tidbits that he designed as baits to keep them duped whilst he was using them, themselves, as a platform to recruit legions of informants in Somaliland. To do this, he used a number of tactics at the top of which were video and voice tapes of subjects in compromising and/or politically, economically or socially damaging situations.

To the uninitiated and political aspirants desperate for a foothold onto one or another of a thousand murky causes, he, early on, designed a ‘method’ to present himself to them as a champion of the oppressed, as a freedom-fighter, as a political pundit, as a respected media practitioner who was a leading journalist in Europe and as a match-maker for all shady deals including smuggling and espionage.

To everybody’s dismay, he has even managed to exploit the YouTube, Facebook and other Internet wonders to hoodwink hosts, planting on them false ‘evidence’ of threats he himself put together on opportune moments to escape/dodge the just consequences of his criminal activities.

Blackmail Ring

Alasaw is that kind of person who never shies away from promoting himself to many titles and feats that he never attained as everything else fail. He even named himself, through one of his lackeys, the No. 1 Investigative Journalist of 2015.

Alasaw built an archive of potential blackmail victims which guaranteed that he is kept swimming in perpetual gravy despite the fact that he had no verifiable means of income filed with the host country.

Foremost among his victims are young, aspiring media practitioners. He has a variety of perfectly honed blackmail devises and bullying pressures that never fail to net them – sooner than later.

He uses his ‘field legionnaires’ to collect data, take pictures, tape secret voices and videos, defend him, attack people who oppose him, sing his praises, comment and ‘like’ his posts, deliver his messages to victims, follow his lead and invent stories of opponents, inundate the Internet with material support in his favor, act as intermediaries with people that oppose him or are repulsed by his actions,send out letters of support to law enforcement bodies to help him out negotiate tight corners, ferret personal/family and business details of victims and opponents, etc. etc.

He even so arrantly, so arrogantly plays ‘lord supreme’ with naive rookies, ‘appointing’ to ‘head of missions’ in places such as Somaliland. Here a boy called Terra is his ‘Rep’ in Somaliland, and the boy thinks he has been appointed to heaven.

What a gall!What a dastardly thing to do!

Soft-skinned Himself

The man, typically, is a born coward with heaps and skeletons he wishes to handle while attacking others left and right. He becomes weak-kneed when confronted. He runs when challenged. He cries when cornered. He drowns himself with alcohol when spooked.

He develops insomnia once an article is published against him until he removes it – one way or the other.

Surf through the Google and find out how many articles against him still active on the Internet. A handful they are. Why?

Once an article is published he calls the editor. He, after all else fail, threatens to publish a string of damaging stories that he invents of him/her.

The recent postings he made of few editors of the Somaliland media lineup, and how spineless he found some of them is ample proof against him as an openly audacious blackmailer.

Individuals and institutions  are beginning to realize that they are not alone in the fight against a blackmailer that is becoming  increasingly aggressive – and in the open.

The Center for Community Awareness, of which he waged a relentless campaign as converters of Somali Muslims to Christianity, is another that exposed his blackmail approaches.

Mohamed Ajiib, the CCA Director, posted a blackmail touch Alasaw made on him in a chat on Facebook – serving him the man’s very own medicine. This time, however, the exchange was not an invented, figment of a sick man’s imagination but an authentic, recorded, infallible ‘classic blackmail touch’. The man was caught red-handed!

The first of the 3 chat pages on the same wall is between Alasaw and Mohamed Ibrahim (Cajiib), the second and the third between Alasaw and a mutual friend, Harbi.













Mr. Alasaw promises Ajib scandalous, damaging stories invented of him to tarnish his reputation.

True to his word, he starts inventing and writing stories of Mohamed Ajib running a Christianization outfit and not a non-governmental organization. He even changes the Center’s name to ‘the Center for Christianization in Africa’!


Freedom of expression (F.OE) is not meant to be a foe to the innocent. It is not meant to be a foe that blackmails, coerces, defames and defiles humans and human decency.

FOE is, regrettably, what it has become in the hands of villains like Alasaw.

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