Chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency goes round trip certain SL Diaspora host countries and meets Somaliland Diaspora Communities

The Chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency (SLDA), Mr. Abdi Abdillahi Hersi has since last weeks in November been engaged in overseas trips focused on Somaliland Diaspora communities in certain countries in Europe.  The chairman’s first trip to abroad since his appointment intends to strengthen communication and relations of  the  Diaspora communications and Somaliland Diaspora Agency and the state in general, conduct awareness, information and consultations and support more solidarity, cohesion and strong cooperation within Somaliland Diaspora communities as well as boosting their stronger contribution to the national development strategies and priorities.

According to his schedule, the Chairman’s trip program started with attending the international conference at Copenhagen conducted by DRC in cooperation with DANIDA on 20th Nov titled “Opportunities and Challenges of Diaspora Engagement.” SLDA took part in the Panel 2 regarding “What is needed to ensure Diaspora’s role as agents of change?”

The Chairman then had important meetings with the Somaliland community in Copenhagen, Denmark on 21-23rd Nov. SL-Denmark Community Committee warmly received the chairman at cordial\ lunch in Copenhagen. The Chairman gave speeches to the participants firstly thanking them for their welcome and friendly interesting discussions, questions and answers were shared. The chairman encouraged unity, cooperation and the collective contribution of Somaliland Diaspora to the national development.

SLDA Chairman, Mr. Abdi Abdillahi Hersi then went on to Somaliland communities in Sweden and had a number of well organized meetings with the Somalilanders at Malmo, Jonkopin and Orebro of Sweden within 24-29 Nov. The existing committees of these communities, intellectuals, academicians, elders, investors and people of the different community groups living in these cities and in different regions in Sweden. Mr. Hersi gave sensitizing speeches and emphasized the tangible and significant role of Somaliland Diaspora towards the nation building, economic investment, transfers of the innovative and vivid ideas, expertise and professional experiences and culture of ethics back to home, the democratic transformation and their participation in the national development sectors. The Chairman cheered the unity, cooperation, volunteerism and collectively contributing to the economic, social and political development goals of their country of origin, republic of Somaliland.

In his meeting with Somaliland community at Orebro of Sweden, the Chairman pointed out that Somaliland is democratic state and that accordingly citizens can different views in regards to the support of the existing political parties which democratic and political right but all citizens have unique vision and the same feeling towards the sovereignty and the fundamental national interests of Somaliland. The Chairman highlighted how Somaliland government is committed to strengthen the Diaspora engagement and facilitate their participation in the investment and development processes.

In all the meetings conducted, many participants raised questions and asked the chairman about key issues including the government policy towards the Diaspora affairs, development and investment issues, the elections and the civil and the voter registration campaigns and how the Diaspora communities living abroad could have their rights to the registration.

As many other African states elsewhere, Somaliland communities abroad have remained very resourceful people to this country throughout the recent decades and had more active role than making remittances but also engaged in the economic  investment, public institutional building and political development as well.  Many of them have permanently returned and made their own businesses here and many professionals of them have taken lion’s share in the higher education progressing, more entrepreneurship and also the Diaspora have increased their contribution to the social services such as education and society welfare programs of many districts and places since after 2010 when the current ruling party of Kulmiye was elected in 2010. Realizing this opportunity and the tackling challenges, Somaliland government established the Agency (SLDA) with presidential degree in 2010 as autonomous institution and made it under the policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation to maximize the Diaspora contribution and engagement in the way emphasized in the National Development Plan.


SLDA is mandated to work with the Diaspora, provide framework for their engagement, and maximize role of the Diaspora and their contribution to more economic, social and political development of the nation through laying necessary regulatory frameworks, mechanisms, awareness, better coordination, policies and strategies that best serve the sector.

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