Hambalyo, Hambalyo, Congratulations, Pravo & Complenti to the Future President Muse Bihi Abdi.
It takes a man of the caliber of General Charles Degaule of France or General Eisenhower of the United States or Winston Churchill Britain to lead this nation at this juncture of time.
The landslide victory scored by the chairman of Kulmiye Party upon his nomination as the sole presidency candidate representing the ruling party in the upcoming elections is clear and comprehensive mandate vested with this unparalleled leader.
The Central Committee of Kulimye Party has empowered Mr. Abdi to take this nation off the group and towards the skies and the open universe. This nation direly needs to achieve its long awaited dreams and aspirations, the most prominent of which is, International Recognition. We strongly believe that Muse possesses the charisma, the vision, the experience in all walks of life, good judgement, strong leadership , discipline, passion , and all other the ideal qualities  of a world-class leader to do the job at hand a lot more . We expect Mr.  Abdi will be up to the expectations once he takes charge of the leadership of this great nation.
Mr. Abdi will also capitalize on his longstanding military background, three decades of political and military struggle, and his no-nonsense personality which will help him tighten the few loose nuts & bolts in the structure of the government and mend the few collapsing or leaning fences here and there.  Given the chance, Mr. Abdi possess all the characteristics of a leader capable of doing  away with the corruption and nepotism that has crippled the fabric of the society and further strengthen the judiciary system  with the aim of delivering justice and equality before the Law to all the citizens of Somaliland.  The tough leadership, the clarity of purpose and mind, and the quick decision-making of the apparent future president of Somaliland will be the long awaited catalyst that will crush the hurdle and obstacles facing our education system, our environment, the health, the crippling unemployment, the energy & power, the illiteracy & poverty, to name just a few of our long list of centuries old as well as modern ills. He also has the guts, the courage and the willingness to say Noooo!!!!!! to the greed of collaborators, the opportunists, the carpetbaggers, and corrupt few who are deliberately blocking the roadmap to progress and development of the nation  and the advancement of the people livelihood.
Finally, the nomination of Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi as the candidate of the ruling party is synonymous to Doomsday as far as the enemy of Somaliland is concerned. Markay Durugto Xaajadu, ee Duulimaad Jiro, ee Dalkayaga lagu Wado, waa inaan Difaacnee, Dagta Qorigu Hay Jaro
Hassan Abdi Yousuf
Riyadh, Saudi Arabi

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