Ethiopian Armed forces massacred more than 2 dozens of innocent civilians in Jamac Dubad at Gashamo District in Eastern Ethiopia. The army indiscriminately killed the local inhibants of Jamac Dubad village, Children, women and eldely were among the victims of the genocide who were purposely massacred by Ehtiopian federal army and local Liyuu Police who are constantly kill and detain unprotected local civilians in the Eastern Ethiopia.

This massacre is commited by merciless criminals and horror murderers of Liyuu Police, Liyuu Police are lawless gangs who are formed to terorise the helpless innocent people of Somali Ethiopian Region (DDSI) by the bloody and unfit President of Somali Region, Abdi Mahamed Iley. These innocent people have been massacred in their homeland by the human haters of so called Liyu Police who commited mass murder, savage killings, detention, looting the property of unarmed local people and force the residents to flee their homeland.

The mass murdering of women and children is not the culture of Somali people, there is no religion or man made law permitting the mass murder of innocent people in the world, the relative of the victims have been instructed not to scream when they saw dead bodies of their loved family members and to pay the cost of graves burried for their being killed relatives. This executions of inoccent people will distablise the whole region and will terrify the local peolple who were enjoying to live a peaceful life with their Government.

We are appealing Federal Government of Ethiopia to investigate the genocide of Jamac Dubad Village at Gashamo district, and barbaric criminals should be brought to the justice. We are also calling Ethiopian nationals and other Somali Brothers and sisters to demonstrate peacefully at Ethipian embassies in worldwide to show solidarity the victims of Jamac Dubad genocide. We have to express our deep sorrow in peacefull demonstration against Ethiopian embassies in worldwide to protest the mass murdering of women, children and elderly in Jamac Dubad village at Gashamo district on 6 June 2016 , eve day of holly month of Ramadan, the genocide of Jamac Dubad should not be fade from our memory.

By Abdi Ismail Abib.
Antwerpent, Belgium

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