MOGADISHU (GNO) – Somalia’s government has fired the Mogadishu mayor following prolonged dispute involved in the closure of a main road in Mogadishu with the security minister, officials said Monday.


Hassan Mohamed Hussein was fired in a decree from the office of the Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. He was replaced by Yusuf Hassan Jimale, a close ally of the president.No reason has been given for his dismisssal by the government.

Daud Aways, Somali president’s spokesman confirmed the replacement of Mr. Hussein who was criticized of corruption by his critics and officials.

His removal comes few weeks after he dmissed a request by the United Nations which saught the government’s approvl in the closure of the toll road leading to the Mogadishu airport on which the office locates to prevent further attacks targeting their headquarters, annuling an initial approval by the Somali security Abdirizak Omar Mohamed.

Mr. Hussein’s security officers have also dismantled barricades and blast walls erected on the airport airport which marked the beginning of the road closure.

Critics say that the mayor’s removal came as the result of factional dispute within the government.

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