Last Friday, the 20th of October, in the evening, there was a horrific incident in the city of Galkayo, in which a 10-year-old boy was killed and raped, according to his parents who took him to a hospital. the body of their son.

In the evening, the little boy left his sister’s house where he was living in a displacement camp in Galkayo, wanting to go to his aunt’s house, according to the boy’s uncle.

“The two houses are a few meters away from each other. He was caught in the middle,” the boy’s uncle told the BBC.

The family said that they felt the absence of the boy, and then they started searching for him inside the camp, but after a period of searching, they said that he ended up with no result, and they finally made a decision. to lie down because it was raining.

At dawn, the boy’s uncle said that the family resumed the search for their son by dividing them into two groups, one of which went towards the forest, and the other group went into the city.

“When they left, the people…were placed [the body] near the house where the children were playing on the lawn,” said the boy’s uncle. “They dropped it in a sack of coal and hid it while they folded their legs”.

“My daughter, my daughter, and another girl who lives in the neighborhood who went to the city saw the sack. My daughter hit her leg… the sack was not enough… my daughter bent down, she grabbed the bag by the corner, and she saw it in the boy’s t-shirt.

The family said that the police arrived at the scene and interviewed the people who were there and then the boy’s body was taken to the hospital.

The people who committed this act told us that they have not been arrested yet but the police told the family that they are looking for them.

What happened to the boy?

In a letter issued by the General Hospital in Galkayo, it was said that the boy’s body had a wound on his throat that showed strangulation – he had been strangled with a rope. They also said that their investigation revealed that she had been raped.

As the family told us, the police took parts of the boy’s fluid, saying that they will conduct an investigation.

The family said that they could never understand why such an act could happen to their son.

“God can’t count our sorrow… but we are Muslim people and we rely on God,” the boy’s uncle told the BBC.

On the other hand, the family said that yesterday they buried the boy who was killed by his uncle, and the previous sadness has worsened.

The little boy was desperate after his mother died and was brought to Galkayo to live with his sister who lives in a displacement camp in the city.

His father, the family said, is an old man who lives in Qalaafe.

Finally, today the family buried the body of their son, after one day in the hospital where he was being examined.

There have been horrific rapes in the city of Galkayo. Many people remember when a 7-year-old girl was raped and killed, and her body was found later.

Puntland state government later arrested the men they said had committed the rape and sentenced them to death.

One of the things that made it easier for them to arrest the rapists of the little girl, the police said, was the DNA test, after the fluid was taken from the body of the little girl who was raped.

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